April 18, 2018

/A Month (or 4) Of Silence

No I'm not dead but where have I been?

Where to start? I've been super busy with preparing for my transition overseas!

Well the holidays came and went and now it's the end of April! I haven't had a moment to update anything on here so now that it's been a good long minute I will get some more frequent updates in. Who doesn't love consistent content? I have scheduled weekly updates coming in every weekend going forward starting with this post.

So what've I been up to since disappearing? Planning a wedding, working non-stop, saving all the money, doing more work on the side, establishing plans of action for when I move. The list feels endless and it seems daunting but I've gotten it all worked out and balanced enough so that I'm not on the verge of banging my head on a wall. Rant/babbling continued here! If you'd like to read other bits click the button below!